Shoebill Stork at Mabamba Swamp

Seeing the Shoebill Stork at Mabamba Swamp is the top activity around Tilapia Lodge. The boat ride on Lake Victoria from our dock to get to the swamp is a nice experience in itself and then seeing the pre-historic looking bird is a real highlight.

We have had both birders and non-birders enjoying the experience of searching for the Shoebill Stork at Mabamba Swamp. As you can see in the pictures here it is quite a big bird (measuring around 115 cm) with a very impressive clog shaped bill.

We are happy to make the arrangements for seeing the Shoebill Stork for you.

shoebill stork at mabamba swamp
Shoebill Uganda

Looking for Shoebill stork at Mabamba Swamp

When reaching Mabamba Swamp for a Shoebill Stork experience you first meet your guide. There are specialised guides who work with showing visitors the Shoebill Storks at Mabamba Swamp. This makes it so you can trust that the guide has top skills to give you the best chance of seeing the impressive bird.

Together with your guide you head out into the narrow channels of the swamp to search for the Shoebill Stork. Since the guide is an expert who does this regularly the guide has knowledge of the best places to look.

When you find the bird it might be close by or a bit further away into the swamp. It is commonly seen standing still as a statue as it looks for fish, but you can also sight it wading around the wetland or flying above Mabamba Swamp.

For birders Mabamba Swamp also offers other ticks like Marsh Harriers, Lesser Jacana and African Pygmy-goose.

Come see the Shoebill Stork while staying at Tilapia Lodge