Restaurant Entebbe

If you are looking for a peaceful restaurant in Entebbe you have come to the right place! Our restaurant is located by Lake Victoria in a jungle park setting. You hear birds singing and automatically relax in the close to nature restaurant.

Here we serve our namesake the Tilapia fish as well as other tasty dishes. A goal is to serve meals with a local touch, giving our guests a chance to experience Uganda’s tasty, fresh food.

Come enjoy in our restaurant in Entebbe to escape the busy city for awhile or get safari feeling from day one of your safari.

For reservations Call/WhatsApp +256 702 747 758 or mail Please let us know when booking if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements.

Restaurant Entebbe

A taste of Uganda

We have our roots in the safari business and our wish to serve food with a local touch comes from that we noticed that our visitors could travel on a 2 weeks safari through Uganda eating only continental dishes. Traveling home without ever tasting Ugandan local food. We believe Uganda’s local food is something to share with the world!

At our restaurant in Entebbe we can prepare a full Ugandan style meal like Tilapia stew with matoke if you wish or enrichen your dish with a touch of g-nuts sauce, avocado (the tastiest ones are found here in Uganda) or why not roasted cassava for breakfast.

Tilapia Lodge is build on the land of an old plantation and that heritage stays in the way that we have bananas, cassava, jams, pumpkin and matoke growing here. This richness in fresh Ugandan food for sure elevates the meals we serve.